Monday, November 18, 2013

Preparation For Clean Eating

I spent a couple of hours yesterday preparing for my clean eating transition. I think this will help me maintain good eating decisions and have plenty of variety on hand. There is nothing boring and bland about eating healthy and making good choices for your body.
On top of a super dooper food shop, I have prepared all sorts of food options, done plenty of research and have a few print outs of recipes to try at hand to make this all easier.
Recipes to come soon of course, I have banana bread and apple muffins portioned and ready to freeze for easy access to a breakfast or snack option. I love to freeze things to avoid waste, it seems odd to bake something fresh and then freeze it just after it cools. Surprisingly this is the only way I do things when I bake.
While preparing a roast dinner for my family, I have already measured out and prepared the ingredients for a pumpkin and lentil soup. These went straight into the freezer, ready for the day I decide to make the meal.
An enjoyable supply of snack balls: I have my own recipe energy balls. And a tahini and hazelnut ball. All no bake from raw ingredients.
Lastly, a pic of me. I am ready to make some more great choices to make sure that I am living the best life I can.
Over the weekend I started being aware of the food I ate and had already noticed a 1kg weight loss > which does make me feel a little uncomfortable about losing too much weight. Let's see how things are looking after 2 weeks anyway... no need to get ahead of myself.
Day 1 Clean Eating: I was feeling a little hungry and could have taken another piece of fruit to work. I think breakfast should have been more filling. Just had 3 of my energy balls and hoping they will give me what I need to go hard at Cage Fit tonight. 

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