Friday, November 15, 2013

Clean Eating Challenge

I've set myself a challenge for the last 2 weeks in November. Clean eating, 'no sugar', minimal processed foods, closest to raw form possible. I've done the shop and I've prepared the goods. Ooh, I'm excited about the results.
I've found my new healthy living lifestyle good, the active side is fun and I am loving it. But food wise, I do eat well enough, although I haven't set too many standards. So for 2 weeks I'm going to challenge the food side of things and see if I can break some habits. 
I have already cut sugar out of my coffee completely Yay!
I am aiming to achieve nutrition and satisfaction out of the food I eat. By no means am I looking at starvation. No I am not cutting out fruit because of its high sugar content. And honey as a sweetener in sweets, that I do manage to make, is fine.
I hope I can inspire someone else to think about achiving a healthier lifestyle. AND please join me if you want to set a challenge for yourself. I would love to hear back from anyone else eating this way, recipes, encouragement, anything...
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New Goals: I am trying to hit the next level of fitness, working on lots more cardio. Started Cage Fit and wanting to stick to it until it gets too easy (MMA style training workouts = yeh baby!)

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