Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Challenge

Day 1: no I won't continue counting.
Today I hit the gym. Woohoo. It's only been 4/5 years.
The question that I really want to answer is can someone who is not linked to the fitness industry live and maintain a healthy living lifestyle? I'm yet to get my clean living book. So we'll just stick to the 'healthy living'concept for now.
Workout: Back to the gym. I wondered if I should leave my shoe laces in a single knot so I'd have an excuse to stop and do up my shoes. My first class was Grit Strength. 30 min high impact workout with minimal to no rest breaks. I survived, just. I now know what Burpies are. I also stayed for Body Balance. I know how awesome it is to give your body some time and stretching.
How do I feel: Apart from my legs almost giving out as I hit the bottom of our staircase, twice, I am feeling awesome and ready for this challenge.
Enjoy my journey if you feel like reading in.
What am I sussing out: High protein foods that come from natural forms. No shakes thanks.
*Before and after shots will come along once I have something worth showing.

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  1. Good on you for starting! I have been eating pretty cleanly for the last year and I find that planning is the key. If you have snacks/meals ready then you don't come home starving and grab the nearest thing you can find. Doing a lot of baking, it is hard not tasting it, but I've been off sugar for a while now (obviously I have my moments though!) and feel heaps better.

    With exercise, the key is to find something you love doing so that you don't need to find the motivation to go. I've been doing crossfit for the last year and absolutely adore it. I go in the morning before everyone wakes up as I found I was making excuses later on in the day if left it until then.

    All the best!



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