Thursday, June 20, 2013

Mind Body Soul

It's time to get focused. Its time to start focusing on what's important in my life right now and that, my friends, is managing my health and well being.
Rather than committing to an unachievable fitness routine I'm taking the slow approach by getting my mind in the right place first. It's all about the will power from within.
So to start off this change I've been focusing on everything that I put in my mouth. Is it good? Is it nutritious? Will it give me the sustainability that I need until my next meal? Do I need this? Why am I eating this?
I mean if we be realistic it is not hard to eat to live. To maintain a balanced diet. Actually thinking about it, how many times do we reward our kids with a lolly or treat?  No wonder this way of thinking becomes our habit later on in life. Rewarding ourselves with food. Breaking the after dinner craving is a tough one too. I really do wonder where this one comes from. Totally unnecessary after a big meal. Oh and portion control has been something to keep an eye on too.

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