Thursday, September 8, 2011

Chicken & Pasta w Pesto & Greens

I love to bake. I loved to make so much that it left me feeling a bit "weighed down" so for a summer kick start the baking has been set aside and I have had a desire for lots of fresh fruit and veggies....
As boring as that may sound, it has been Veggielicious! I must have been craving a fresh food hit and who knew that vegetables, nuts, fruit and all sorts of low calorie goodness could be so good!
I have never been a fan of savory cooking. I have been reading cookbooks and flavor patterns are starting to be embedded into my mind...
So to start show casing my vegetable packed meals of deliciousness: here is one of my favorites so far
Chicken & Pasta w Homemade Pesto, A Dollop of Ricotta Fried Asparagus/Baby Spinach & Zucchini

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