Friday, July 22, 2011

Lettus - Finnish Pancakes

Lettus. I have grown up eating these thin crepe-like Finnish pancakes. I love that this is a recipe that comes from memory and I love making them when a sweet treat is required. Eaten with jam and cream, is the only way to enjoy this simple treat. Place a strip of jam and cream across the top and roll down into a roll.

Plain Flour, Milk, 1 Egg, Pinch Salt, 1 Tbsp Sugar

Add 1 cup or more of milk.
Add egg, salt and sugar. Combine.
Add flour until you get a thick soup consistency.
Add more milk or flour if the consistency needs to be played with.

Cook as you would any pancake in a really hot pan.
Sprinkle each with white sugar as you stack them on the plate.

*I don't know if it is a normal practice for everyone, but I add butter/margarine to the pan each time I cook a lettu.

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