Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My 30th Birthday Celebration

I held my birthday party to honor the special family and friends who are and have been a special part in my life. Turning the big  3 0 has always been an occasion that I have looked forward too. 

The last 30 years have been so full of twists and turns; so many ups and downs; marriage, babies, mortgages... trials, errors, so many lessons learnt. It is nice to turn a new leaf with the fresh feeling of 30! Now I am living life in my prime... and the best bit?

It feels like life is only just beginning and I am excited because
I know that the best is yet to come!

I wanted to have a wine bar so we could enjoy having wine tastings. This was so much fun and I was so happy with the result. We enjoyed 9 wines for tasting. I was happy to guide my loved ones through the tasting steps and give them a little more insight into the wonderful world of wine tastings.

For an afternoon on the deck nothing could make me happier than a good glass of wine and a gourmet cheese platter with all the trimmings.

We enjoyed platters filled with all the yummy things you could hope for: soft/hard cheese, pate, crackers, olives, apricots, figs, cocktail onions, gherkins, artichokes, prosciutto, special deli ham and salami. Yum!

Non-alcoholic options best enjoyed with a lime green vintage striped paper straw, of course.

My mum made me a beautiful traditional (in our family anyway) Finnish birthday cake. A sponge cake with layers of jam, cream, strawberries, bananas and something orange (yet to ask mum)... Absolutely yummy. Nothing beats homemade, in my books, and it was delicious, thanks mum!

I love lolly buffets, I have been admiring them for a long time. My friend had one for her 30th and I thought it was a fabulous idea. And why not? They aren't just for weddings. I bought beautiful vintage style paper cupcake cups that guests could scoop their goodies into and enjoy at their leisure. Fun.

Thank-You again to all my family and friends for bringing your beautiful happy spirits into our home. Thank-you for the gifts, they are muchly appreciated. 

I certainly had an afternoon I will never forget and had an absolute blast. It was truly everything that I could have wished for.

Peace out! Love you all!

I must say a special mention to Ursula from Us In Time who took care of all the photography for me. Well worth taking the pressure off everyone else to get great photos. Thanks Ursula!Visit her WEBSITE HERE

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  1. Sky your birthday looked amazing !! Love your blog x


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