Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Jonah's Batman 5th Birthday Party

Batman was the theme this year and it also seemed like Batman themed items weren't widely available either, so without jumping on the fantastic party sites and ordering themed items, I improvised where I could.

Look up "comic book words" on Google to get some cool print outs that can be used on the lolly bags. I also hot glue gunned them onto toothpicks to make the action words come alive on the food table.

Simple things on the food table kept the children happy. 
I used my boys' superhero toys as decorations where I could.

The cake was a simple butter cake mix, with 3 colored layers: black, blue and yellow. Worked a treat and always a nice surprise!

BUT whats a Batman party without the man himself?!

The kids were highly entertained for a good hour straight while Batman took them through the courses of superhero training. All completed the training course and received a sword to fight the bad guys at the end.
A fantastic entertainment option for any kids party. I didn't have to organize any games or prizes. And the children were all entertained so I could set up the food table with no stress. 

I highly recommend Super Steph Brisbane Superheros!

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