Friday, August 19, 2011

Spring is on the way...

I get a nice feeling of accomplishment after spending a day in the veggie garden... I was blessed with a child free day and I enjoyed my time refreshing my veggie garden for Spring.
I dug, hoed, turned, planted, and mulched. I love the smell of the sugar cane mulch and it looks great.... I planted seedlings of beetroot, beans, spring onions, yellow zucchini, beef steak tomatoes, chilli bushes, mixed lettuce and rocket lettuce. 
My lemon tree also got some TLC, as if she doesn't get enough already... A nice trim, removed any scaled lemons or gangly looking branches and a good hit of white oil all over.

Refreshed and satisfied after a day of sun and soil :-) 

Our mulberry tree feels like it is already Spring time. It started getting leaves in the middle of July, and now it is already full of mulberries ready to ripen up... I expect a RIPPER supply this year. Sadly, we made the mistake of hacking the tree back after our first summer: this is clearly a no-no as last year we were lucky to even get a bowl of mulberries. 

 A word of warning though, if we get this ripper supply that I talk about, this will not be the last time you hear about my mulberry tree, expect plenty of recipes....

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