Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Year That Was Without Chocolate

I am looking forward to waking up tomorrow. I have just spent the whole year without chocolate.

YES! You read right > the whole of 2013 I did not put one piece of chocolate into my mouth. Including anything chocolate flavoured, no cappuccino's because of the chocolate sprinkle, no chocolate cakes, chocolate chips, nothing. The closest I got was accidentally inhaling some cocoa from Aston's chocolate flavoured milk.

It was really an interesting process, I learnt a lot about my own habits of enjoying this delicious treat. Needless to say, I am super proud of my achievement. I would never say "I can't believe that I did it" because my mind was so set, there was no way that I was not going to achieve it. This is a great way to enter into 2014 knowing that once I set my mind to something, I can achieve it.

#1 habit broken. You've had a busy day, you've been working, doing the kid thing, you pop to the service station or super market, and that oh-so convenient chocolate bar rack on the way out, well I learnt that apart from chewing gum or lollipops, your only option really is chocolate, and I used to love that little treat because it was so well earned. I stopped searching for other options about 5 months in. And don't desire 'a treat' at the cash register now. I don't even look twice now at the snacks available.

Desserts and cakes, it was nice being able to say no because it was made of or with chocolate. It was nice to have a reason to reject these things. It was nice to also explore a new world of baking without chocolate. Starting my healthy living journey in June also coincided nicely with my abstinence to the lovely chocolate treat. My mum never got used to the not-eating-chocolate thing, and only offered me one just the other day. "Maybe next year mum" was my response.

I had dreams of eating chocolate and freaking out about it. Easter was interesting and I did manage to get through it (can you believe it!!) mostly without freaking out. My monthly sugar cravings were fulfilled with jelly lollies. And eventually they have subsided too. I did also learn a lot about when I was craving chocolate and why. These regular cravings have pretty much disappeared too.

The hardest part has actually been the last couple of weeks. The joy (stress) of Christmas, and the family enjoying some chocolate lately, oh my gosh, I have felt some craving for the sweet stuff. BUT I am happy to say that I have a stash ready including some super special chocolate all the way from Belgium and the Swiss alps.

This was not a new years resolution, I made a decision to fast chocolate for a year. Fasting as part of my beliefs, to give up something as a sacrifice to build my Faith.

Right now I am not confident in myself to fully resist the regular temptation of chocolate. I was a 2 blocks in my grocery shop type of girl. I am a little scared to not have the restriction on myself and I really will have to administer self control now when it does come to the chocolate decision. With all the above said, I think I can do it! Here's to a happy new year!

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