Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Candy Cane Biscuits

A soft cake like dough that transformed into some soft tasty cookies. Although I think I got way too excited about taking them out of the oven that they needed just that little longer to harden up.

Sadly these cookies were never given the opportunity to become what they were meant to be. They were soft and unless eaten straight from the fridge, flopped and broke apart on attempt to consume.

These were extremely tasty though. Another fantastic chocolate cookie with real candy canes crushed and mixed through the batter. Then some more on top just to top them off. I look forward to trying these again hopefully with some more crunchy success.

I did have to stand guard to keep cheeky little boys from trying to swipe them off the tray just out of the oven :-)

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  1. mmmm I too made some candy cane cristmas cookies. Posting about them tommorrow. So so good.


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