Wednesday, April 6, 2011

She Sells Sea Shells By The Sea Shore

... I tend to think alot.

Some people meditate to clear their mind, but to me there is nothing more refreshing and mind cleansing than a long stroll on the beach collecting a bag full of sea shells. The kids run ahead and I stroll at my leisure. The sun on my skin, the cool breeze, the sounds of the waves, the smells of the sea. This satisfies all of my senses and I am at a place of true peace. This is a time when my mind does nothing more than spend time hunting for the perfect shell.

I love sea shells. I maybe love sea shells a little too much. I really think I am creating a comfortable place in this world of ours as a hobbyist for collecting sea shells. Here is the very pretty swag from my last beach visit.

So I guess this blog is about me and my love for shells amoungst the other things I love to love.

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